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PSGw testimonial:
"Once the version 2 release is available to all users I would recommend it for people that want to open up an Asterisk-based telephone system with Skype. Our set up will connect incoming Skype calls to an operator, from where they are connected to the intended individual - thereby eliminating the need to have Skype on every desktop and the need for people to keep track of their phones and their Skype applications."
Marco B..
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SIP to Skype gateway breaks Skype's Great Wall of VoIP

Skype gateways and IP PABX Systems - overview of the different ways to link skype to traditional telephony-systems
Latest news

February 22, 2010.
New version of H.323/SIP SoftPhone released
February 21, 2010.
New version of H.323/SIP MCU (Conference Server) released
October 2, 2009.
Press about us
May 18, 2009. is one of the Top 10 Finalists of Cisco Developer Contest !!!
March 20, 2009. introduces H.323/SIP Video Softphone for PDA - Windows Mobile 2003/5.0/6.0 Video SoftPhone for SIP and H.323 networks
July 14, 2008. introduces "Web-2-Phone" - Flash-based phone with SIP/H.323/Skype support
July 19, 2007.
PSGw 3.5 (SIP version) demo released
February 1, 2007.
PSGw for Linux 1.6 (SIP version) released
January 1, 2007.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
July 24, 2006.
PSGw for Linux 1.5 (SIP version) released
July 18, 2006.
PSGw 3.5 Standard and Pro now has unique feature - arbitrary SIP destination!
July 1, 2006.
PSGw 3.3 Pro (SIP and H.323 version) allows to set SIP and H.323 DTMF type
June 29, 2006.
PSGw 3.3 Standard (SIP version) allows to set SIP DTMF type
June 20, 2006.
PSGw for Linux 1.2 (SIP version) is released for beta-testing!
May 18, 2006.
Updated PSGw has codec management feature and prefix for Skype username


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